Motherhood: Challenges, Hobbies, and Support


“Tell me about yourself.”

I’m the mother of two boys – one in his first year of junior high school and one in third grade of elementary school, and right now I’m in the midst of worrying about how I’m raising them. Especially, I worry about how I can encourage them to study. In particular, my younger son is like me – He becomes hysteric, so when we study together, we always end up fighting. I’m just searching for a good way to handle this. His schoolteacher has advised me to be at his side when he’s doing his homework, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. But, you know, he makes mistakes. When I point those mistakes out to him, he gets angry. So it doesn’t go well. We get into an argument. We always get emotional, so that’s what happens. It’s a problem.

“What do you do when you have some free time to yourself?”

I go shopping. I especially like to go to Yodobashi Camera. I don’t buy anything. I just go window shoping to refresh myself. And when I’m at home, I love to read manga (Japanese comics). I love “Chuzare”, a story related to Spain. It’s pretty famous. I also like reading manga about Japanese history, like various emperors. I’ve loved reading manga since I was a child.

“How has Kyoto changed over time?”

Oh, actually, I’m not originally from Kyoto. I’m from Osaka. I came to live in Kyoto after I became an adult, so I’m not really sure how things have changed from a long time ago. But recently, anyway, there are many more foreign tourists than before, in these two or three years. I mean, it’s a good thing in a way, but I liked it when there were fewer people. It’s harder to walk now, and there’s a lot more trash. People in Osaka and Kyoto are different. I feel that Osaka people are easier to understand. It’s a little difficult to know what people in Kyoto are really thinking. But living here, one realizes that everyone is very nice.

“What is your Kyoto #1?”

I like the neighborhood that I live in very much, and I feel it’s one to be proud of. It’s really wonderful. I feel that everyone in the neighborhood takes responsibility for raising all of the children who live there. Everyone knows where each child lives and what kind of children they are, so it feels really safe. That’s why I like it. And I like Yodobashi Camera because they have lots of products and it’s so fun to look at them. My favorite section is the vacuum cleaners. I love the different characteristics, like those that work well and those which are noisy. I found a good one called “Electro Lux”, made in Denmark or somewhere in northern Europe. It’s quiet, so it would be possible to vacuum even at night. It’s usually not possible to do that because it would bother the neighbors, but this would be great to have if you work all day and want to clean at night. It would be so convenient.


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