A Bright Future and Happy Society


These days, I’m putting all of my efforts into my work in the food industry for tourism. I never have the chance to interact with such tourists directly, though. When I do have free time, I play golf at places like Japan Ace in Shiga Prefecture, but I’m a terrible player. I also like to watch debate and discussion programs on television. I’m not a big talker and have a hard time expressing my own opinions, so I’m envious of the guests on those programs who can.

I was born and raised in this city. In the old days, everyone in the neighborhood would look after all of the surrounding children.  They would give the children warnings and guide them in various ways. They don’t do that anymore for children who aren’t their own. They do it for their own children, but shy away from telling other children that they can’t do this or that. For example, if a car is coming, that they shouldn’t play with their ball in the middle of the road. It’s safe if they do it at school or in the park, but there are dangers here in the middle of the city. There are very few people who will purposely tell the children these days. I think that the old way was better. We now have an aging society. A large percentage of people in this neighborhood are senior citizens.

My wish is for us to work together to make a bright future and happy society.


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